Buying a DIY Home

Nearly every homeowner has considered purchasing a fixer upper at some point simply because it is a great way to get a nice home for a low price. These diamonds in the rough are usually priced far lower than houses that are in good repair, but many of them do not need that much work in order to make them livable. With that being said, there are a few things that you should look into before you make a purchase, as some things will cost a lot more than others to improve. If you feel like you are ready to purchase a fixer upper and involve yourself in the ultimate home improvement project, read on and you will learn a little bit about what this project will require from you.

The first thing that you must look at is what your plans for the home will end up being. If you plan on living in the home, make sure it is located in an area that you are comfortable with and make sure that the home will be large enough for your family. If you simply wish to flip the home once you have made these improvements, then this is not as important. You should be able to find a great price on a fixer upper, but make sure that you have the foundation and the structure inspected before making the purchase because these flaws will be too expensive to repair.

Your goal here will be to make the home look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, as this what will attract potential buyers. With that being said, it is important to buy a home in a good area because people will pay more for a good location. Even though your initial costs might be a little bit more, you will end up making that money back in the end if you choose a good location. Also take a look at the configuration of the home, as people usually want homes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. While you are doing your renovations, you can easily add a bathroom to the property, as long as there is room for one. The layout is also very important because eliminating walls is too pricey. You will want to make sure that there is a good flow throughout the home in order to attract buyers. Remember that not all people enjoy the same type of layout, so there is no definite layout that you should go with.

The most important thing to consider is the overall condition of the home, as some improvements will cost more than others. Things like painting and patching walls, replacing carpets, installing new lighting fixtures, adding trim and baseboards, replacing or repairing some windows, replacing bathroom fixtures, replacing doors, and changing light switch covers are all very easy and will not take much time, effort, or money. Other improvements such as work on the foundation, adding air conditioning, replacing the roof or siding, any plumbing or electrical work, fixing or repairing the driveway, or any additions will cost a lot more. Also, if a complete bathroom or kitchen remodeling is called for, which includes replacing cabinets and counters, the price will get out of hand very quickly. The same can be said if every window in the house needs to be replaced, so it is important to look at these aspects carefully.

A home inspector will be able to tell you a lot about these more expensive items, so make sure that you have someone come in and look at the place before you buy. The most important things to keep an eye out for are the items that you cannot fix yourself, such as the roof and the plumbing. As long as you are careful before you buy, this could turn into a really fun project for you. If you are not careful, however, it could turn into a complete nightmare, which is why an inspection is a necessity. Making these home improvements will give you a chance to renovate a house on your own and even if you do not end up keeping the house, you will have gained some experience in case you want to fix up your own home someday. Purchasing a fixer upper is definitely not for everyone, but it is an achievable goal for anyone who is into home improvement.

Diamonds – Working Nine to Five

The mention of diamonds usually triggers thoughts of glamour and romance. Diamonds have pretty much become the standard for engagement rings.

And what woman doesn’t enjoy the sparkle and fire of a pair of diamond earrings?

But, there is much more to diamonds. They are the hardest chemical substance on earth. Of all the diamonds mined, many are not suitable to be worn in jewelry as gemstones. It is estimated that only about twenty percent of the diamonds mined are suitable as jewelry.

So what happens to that other eighty percent? It goes go work.

Diamonds in industry

Diamonds have been used in industry for many years. If you are old enough to know what a phonograph is, diamond needles probably provided you with many hours of pleasant music.

What about the home improvement center? There are items all around you when you go to the home improvement center to buy a few things for your latest project. In fact, you probably have items in your garage or workshop made partially of diamonds. Saw blades, polishing compounds, stones for sharpening, and abrasive pads.

Since diamonds are such a durable and abrasive substance which hold up well it is used in many of these applications and more.

We take many things for granted, since it’s someone else’s job, but diamonds are useful in medicine, providing cutting instruments to go through bone and tissue. Not a pretty thought, but if you need surgery, you certainly want a sharp instrument to get the job done right. Diamonds are also useful in both the dental and optical fields.

Speaking of fields, diamonds are useful in the drilling for oil. They are also used on devices for cutting granite and concrete, as well as in the textile industry for cutting out patterns.

Diamond are being used in the space program, and also by scientists in many fields.

Diamonds at work in the future

Diamonds are already making improvements in electronics and technology and this will continue and make dramatic improvements in the very near future. It will enable computers to run much faster without overheating, improve broadband, provide less expensive flat television sets, even smaller cell phones and ipods, with even more capabilities.

In the medical field there are projects underway that will enable those who have lost vision from genetic diseases to be able to see images though the implanting of microchips in the retina.

And joint replacement will be improved providing no friction replacements that are predicted to last a lifetime.

Man made diamonds

These are just a few of the present and future uses of diamonds. Man is always trying to one-up nature, and it would seem in some cases he is doing a pretty good job. Over the last fifty or so years, scientists have been working on the process of creating quickly what nature took eons to do.

In order to keep up with the future uses and the demand for diamonds, man made diamonds are being created in a lab situation. Some of these are even now being sold as wearable gemstones, and probably there will be more and better in the future.

There will definitely be a market for these man made diamond gemstones for industrial purposes, and a secondary market for jewelry, but I doubt if the real thing created by nature, will ever lose it’s appeal as a wearable and treasured gemstone.