Home Improvement 101 – What is a Wet Tile Saw?

If you have started completing home renovation projects you may have begun to use different tools. The right tools are important to make sure that you can complete your work safely and easily. One example of this is installing tile. You may have read home improvement manuals and wondered what is a wet tile saw? Is it needed for the job that I am going to be doing? And where can someone get one if they do need one. Here is a simple guide to wet tile saws that will allow you to get back to renovating.

If you are installing tile, you will often need to custom cut a few of them so that they can be properly placed. You may need to fit them around areas such as sinks, toilets and bathroom fixtures. Depending on the type of tile you are using and where you are trying to put them, this may mean a lot of cutting. There are a number of different tools for cutting tiles.

The idea behind special tile cutting tools is that they will cut the tile but not chip or shatter it. Depending on how much of the tile you need to remove, you may be able to use a tile nipper. This is a small, sharp implement that can snip the corners off of tiles. They usually cut in a straight line, but they are not good for taking off large pieces of the tile. Removing a lot of the tile is difficult unless you have special tools.

Often you can simply score a tile and cut it that way if you will be removing a piece with a straight edge. However, if you need to curve the edge of a tile to fit it around a pipe or other things, or if you are making multi-directional cuts, scoring the tile will not work. This is where the wet tile saw comes in. You can use it to make different kinds of cuts in tile with less chance of shattering a tile

A wet tile saw is designed to cut brittle ceramic tiles without shattering or breaking them. They do not cut the tile with a sharp blade because that could shatter the tile. Instead, they use a blade with an abrasive coating such as diamond dust to grind into the tile and cut a channel along the line that you mark for cutting.

They are known as wet tile saws because they use water to cool the area that is being cut. Because the saw is wearing a groove into the tile there is a huge amount of friction on the blade and the tile. Friction generates heat. If the heat is allowed to build up it can cause the saw to bind up and stop cutting. Wet tile saws use a steady stream of cool water that travels over the blade of the saw to get rid of the heat while you are cutting tiles. It may be messy but it is effective.

If you will be cutting a lot of tiles it is a good idea to rent a tile saw. This is because you don’t want to be running back and forth to the tile store, even if you can find one that will cut tiles for you. They can be expensive for someone who is not doing a lot of home renovation, so renting one may be a better option. If you call equipment rental companies they can often supply you with one for a reasonable price.

The right tool can make any home renovation job much easier to complete. Once you have your tiles custom cut, you can then go ahead with adhering them to the wall and grouting them. And then, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you have completed a beautiful tiling job all on your own.